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4 Reasons to Install Impact Windows in Port Saint Lucie

4 Reasons to Install Impact Windows in Port Saint Lucie

Hurricane season is still months away, but memories of last year remain strong. Especially for those residents in the Panhandle, full recovery from the storm is still years away. Closer to home here in Southeast Florida, you know that every year brings with it the threat of severe weather. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your property can withstand high winds and potentially-devastating natural disasters.
While you’ve likely already taken steps to protect your property, windows are a home aspect that often goes overlooked. Could your existing windows stand up to powerful impact and extreme weather events? Read on to learn more about the necessity of this household feature, and how impact windows in Vero Beach, Florida protect your family and loved ones.

1) Improved Security

Along with the threat of severe weather, impact windows also keep your property safe from home invasion. When crooks realize they won’t be able to break in, they’ll simply move on to the next house.

Criminal acts aside, impact windows protect against any sudden impact, regardless of intention. In addition to airborne debris during times of severe weather, when you invest in replacement windows, minor accidents won’t add up to major repairs. That means a wayward baseball from a neighborhood youth game won’t ruin your windows or your day.

2) Climate Control

Even the most efficient HVAC system can only do so much if your windows aren’t up to snuff. That’s because keeping drafty windows is like literally throwing your money straight into the street. It’s a losing battle that will only get worse as time goes on.

By contrast, high-quality replacement windows help regulate interior temperature. Along with cost savings, you and your family will enjoy interior comfort on a level you had only dreamed of before. Best of all, new windows come equipped with filters that keep the sun’s harmful UV rays from getting inside your house.

3) Noise Reduction  

When it comes to getting the peace and quiet you crave and deserve, windows might not be the first thing on your mind. The truth is that windows provide an excellent barrier to exterior noise. That means you can relax and unwind in the comfort of your home, free from the annoying sounds of barking dogs, traffic noise, shouting neighbors, loud music, and other distractions.

Psychologists say constant exposure to loud noise contributes to feelings of anxiousness. They say that often leads to sleepless nights and frayed nerves over time. So, investing in replacement windows actually contributes to a greater quality of life for you and your loved ones.

4) Fashion and Function

Some homeowners resist installing safety features for fear doing so will detract from the natural beauty of their residence. Instead, high-quality impact windows lend a sophisticated appeal to any home. With many styles to choose from, this option can actually improve your property value. Plus, by using the very best materials, you’ll benefit from a high-quality home feature that’s low maintenance, energy efficient, and cost-effective. In some cases, you could even get an insurance discount for installing impact windows. That’s a win-win all around.

Best of all, this option can easily be coupled with other great home improvement projects. For example, awnings in Port Saint Lucie provide the shade you desire, while still maximizing outdoor enjoyment. We also specialize in carports and patio covers, hand railing, louvered roof systems, storm protection and security, and more.

In addition, over the course of our more than 60-year tenure, we’ve built a solid reputation as a trusted and reliable installer of Port Saint Lucie screen enclosures. Contact us today to learn more about impact windows, and all the other innovative property enhancement solutions available to you.


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