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5 Things to Do After a Hurricane

5 Things to Do After a Hurricane

We spend lots of time preparing for hurricanes at this time of year, but it’s also helpful to know what to do after a storm, too! Read on as we share five key ways to get your St. Lucie home back to normal.

Stay put

After being cooped up during a storm, you’re probably itching to get outdoors or drive through town! While we can definitely understand the urge, it is typically recommended to stay put during the immediate aftermath of a storm. This is because roads may not be navigable (whether it be due to flooding or debris in the road). If you do happen to be outside of your home, don’t drive into flooded areas, even if they look shallow, and avoid downed power lines and other potentially dangerous objects.

Observe areas to be fixed

Whether it’s flood damage, areas of standing water on your property (which may attract pests), or landscape needs, be sure to take note of areas that may need to be fixed in the days and weeks ahead.

Remove your storm panels

If you don’t have impact windows (which White Aluminum & Windows St. Lucie can provide!), you likely spent the storm in limited light due to your windows being covered by storm panels or accordion shutters. Once the weather is clear and it is safe to do so, remove them by simply uninstalling the panels or opening up your shutters. (With panels, you’ll want to store them somewhere accessible so that they’re not lost

During the peak of hurricane season, some homeowners may be tempted to leave their panels up in case of another storm—however, the experts advise against this, and only recommend covering your windows during storms, because storm panels can make it difficult for emergency personnel to access your home in the event of an emergency outside of bad weather.

Help friends, family and neighbors

Once you are settled after a storm, reach out to friends, family and neighbors to see how you can help them! Whether it’s sharing your dry foods stockpile, lending a generator (to be used outdoors only) or simply assisting with storm cleanup, seemingly small gestures can make a big difference.

Consider ways you can improve your preparedness plan for next time

The time following a storm is a good time to reflect on what went well (and what could be improved) when it comes to your hurricane preparedness plan. If that involves installing new accordion shutters or impact windows, St. Lucie residents can turn to White Aluminum & Windows St. Lucie! These products can help provide a more seamless storm experience in the event of another hurricane.

We hope that these tips help you swing back into your routine following a storm! As you look for ways to stay prepared all season long, call White Aluminum & Windows St. Lucie today. With more than 60 years of experience, we are equipped to help with whatever home improvement needs you may have—from backyard pergolas to carports to impact windows, St. Lucie residents can count on us for it all.

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