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Port St. Lucie Storm Windows: The Urgency of Storm Season Preparation

Port St. Lucie Storm Windows: The Urgency of Storm Season Preparation

This month, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) began talks of shifting the start date of hurricane season to a point more than two weeks earlier than the current start date. Regardless of whenever this change takes effect, the National Hurricane Center will begin issuing storm updates on May 15th, even though the official start date remains June 1st for now. Changes in weather phenomena have yielded a higher frequency of storms that are more dangerous than ever, which is why getting our homes storm-ready is so urgent even this early in the year. Read on to learn more how your home benefits from storm windows.

One-Time Installation

Installing storm windows requires a full re-haul of your current window system. Rather than merely applying a resistant substance to your old windows, the only solution is removing them entirely before adding the new and improved stormproof windows. This is to your benefit, as you can install them and forget them! Besides some regular cleaning, you have already done everything you need to do to get your windows ready for severe storms.

Hurricane Protection

Of course, the most important aspect of storm windows is that they are built to withstand high speeds and collisions from flying objects. They will keep the storm outside and keep your family safe from shattered glass. In order to be approved as impact-resistant, windows must undergo two series of tests. The first one shoots ten projectiles out of a cannon, followed by a nine-pound piece of lumber, at multiple points of the glass. The second test uses a machine to blow varying degrees of pressure against the glass. The storm windows that will be added to your home must pass these tests first, verifying their protective capabilities.

Noise Dampening

Beyond weather protection, storm windows also offer a myriad of other benefits that make the investment worthwhile. For example, storm windows significantly reduce outside noise, which means that they can be especially helpful for homeowners living near busy cities or noisy highways. The extra-thick, layered glass and super sealed framing prevent sound and air leakage, which keeps your own indoors sound contained while trapping outdoor disturbances outside.

Insurance Premium Discounts

Many insurance providers offer premium discounts for homeowners with storm windows installed. This is because they recognize that storm windows are effective storm protective systems and are always protecting your home, compared to systems like shutters that must be manually closed. If you are unsure whether or not your policy offers discounts for hurricane impact windows, give your insurance company a call – the original cost of the installation may be completely offset by your newfound savings.

Storm windows are not just effective at protecting your home and family from severe weather, they also provide you with many other benefits ranging from savings to improved quality of life. With hurricane seasons that will be starting sooner than ever before, there is no reason to just wait around. Contact White Aluminum & Windows of Port St. Lucie to learn more about our top-quality storm protection and security and see how we can put our long list of storm protection products to use for you!

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