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4 Ways That Vinyl PGT Windows Stuart FL Work for You

4 Ways That Vinyl PGT Windows Stuart FL Work for You

Beyond simply beautifying a home – which vinyl Stuart windows also excel at – windows and doors from PGT also boast a myriad of other benefits for homeowners. These impact windows are sure to save homes from unforeseen expenses by keeping undesirable things outside, including high speed winds and the summer heat! Interested in replacing your current windows with energy efficient windows from White Aluminum? Allow us to make that decision as easy as possible!

Lower Energy Costs

Our impact windows Stuart will cut your energy costs by reflecting outside heat. What this does is regulate your home’s temperature, making it much easier for your HVAC system to keep the inside comfortable. Less time spent running the air conditioning translates directly to lower energy bills and a more comfortable way of life! Impact windows could even qualify you for an Energy Star rating for tax credits.

Reduce Noise

Impact windows get their strength from multiple layers, which are stuck together to prevent outside noise pollution from seeping through. Plus, they are sealed airtight around their entire perimeter to ensure protection from outdoor debris, which also prevents noise from penetrating any tiny cracks around your windows. Impact windows Stuart FL are sure to keep all unwanted pollution out, from wind and debris to sound as well!

Filter Out UV Rays

PGT windows filter out 99% of ultraviolet rays from the sun without dampening the natural light. To put that in perspective, standard windows are capable of blocking 60% of UV rays at most. When ultraviolet is allowed through windows, it is likely to fade and discolor items in our homes and may even hurt your eyes! 99% of UV radiation is absorbed through the eyes but impact windows can help stop that poisoning in its tracks.

24/7 Intruder Protection

Since impact windows are built to withstand category 5 hurricane winds (157 mph or higher), they can easily withstand any efforts to intrude upon your home. Intruders would likely need to use a chainsaw, which takes more attention and effort than most are willing to put in. Impact windows contain a plastic membrane that holds the glass in place, even if it’s impaled, to prevent the fracture from spreading throughout the window. Nasty storms and evil burglars will be kept outside where they belong!

With so many benefits of switching to PGT windows, it seems like a no-brainer! White Aluminum offers a wide variety of PGT WinGuard impact windows, which you can find here. Take a look through our catalog of products and request a quote online or by phone! White Aluminum makes it easy to stay safe and feel comfortable in your home, no matter how wicked the weather gets.

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