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Your Fall Home Improvement Checklist

Your Fall Home Improvement Checklist

Even in areas of the country that aren’t particularly snowy or freezing, the colder and wetter weather of winter can still be hard on a home. Fall gives homeowners an incredible opportunity to resolve important home improvement chores comfortably, both inside and out. If you start now, you still have plenty of time to get all the way through this checklist before fall is over. Feel free to print this checklist off and use it yourself!

#1 Seal All Windows and Doors

Apply caulk to any cracks you can find around your windows and door frames. If you have any old weather stripping, replace it for a sturdier seal against outdoor weather. Felt or foam weather stripping generally needs to be replaced every two years, whereas rubber stripping can last up to a decade.

#2 Install New Windows

Some problems can’t be solved by replacing faulty stripping. Windows also degrade over time and yours may need to be replaced, especially before colder weather arrives. You may need new windows if your current windows are older than 15 years, if condensation often builds up on them, if the glass is too hot to touch during the day, or if there are signs of cracks or rot in the window frame.

#3 Complete Roof Repairs

The smallest roof problems can become exaggerated over the course of winter, resulting in much larger issues. Roof leaks, shingle damage, and other issues may have cropped up over the summer, especially if your home suffered any significant storm damage. Consider hiring a roofing contractor to patch up your roof while you still can.

#4 Repair Driveway Cracks

Preexisting cracks in the concrete are likely to worsen during winter. However, you can stop that problem in its tracks with a little concrete caulking or concrete sealer. Apply these products to all damaged areas of your driveway and other concrete, such as patios or walkways, and you can ensure a healthy winter for your concrete.

#5 Fertilize Your Lawn

Some homeowners make the mistake of not fertilizing their plants during the fall since the weather ahead is colder. However, during this time of year, plant roots are resting and actually benefit more from fertilizer. By laying down fertilizer now, you can ensure that your landscaping will survive the winter and flourish when spring arrives.

#6 Insulate Your Attic

The next time there is a cool and windy day, use this to your advantage by inspecting your attic for drafts. Air leakage is more likely to occur around plumbing and ventilation pipes, but you may also discover other gaps in your insulation, too. If you do discover drafts anywhere, add a layer of insulation yourself, or consult with insulation contractors. This will keep your home warmer throughout the winter.

#7 Install A Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are incredibly useful tools for lowering your energy bill. Amongst other modern features, they can also automatically adjust to an energy-saving mode when no one is home. The less your HVAC system runs, the more you’ll save on energy bills. Fall is the perfect time to shop for smart thermostats and get one installed.

By following this checklist, you can make sure that your home is prepared for a cold winter. Not only will you spend less on air conditioning, but you will also have less work to do in the spring. White Aluminum offers an incredible selection of home improvement products, including replacement windows, shutters, and pool enclosures! Take a look through our catalog to see what else you can add to your home to improve it this fall.

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