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How to Safeguard Your Car This Hurricane Season

How to Safeguard Your Car This Hurricane Season

Just like your home, your car is a valuable asset you want to protect during hurricane season! Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take before, during and after a storm to keep it (and yourself) safe and secure. Just read on to learn more.

Before the storm: Top off your gas tank

Fueling up ahead of time ensures that you will be able to get around after the storm worry-free. This is also a good time to prepare fuel for your generator, which can be used outdoors to power your home’s electronic devices after the storm.

Remove important documents

As you prepare to store your car somewhere safe for the storm, first remove important documents from your glovebox and any other items you want to keep safe. You can place them in a watertight container at home until you’re ready to return to your ride!

Consider ways to keep your car safe

Well before a storm arrives, you can take some time to consider safe spaces to store your car. In St. Lucie, carports and garage door braces are two great options to keep in mind. A carport can add a degree of protection for debris from above, while a garage door brace fortifies the largest opening in your home to prevent it from flexing or bending and potentially damaging your car inside.

During the storm: Stay off the road

Safety and visibility on the road may be reduced during a storm, due to high winds and potentially rising waters. Plan to “hunker down” until the storm conditions dissipate for a safe, smooth experience!

Store your car safely, away from water

If you don’t have a safe place to store your car, parking it at a higher elevation will be able to at least protect it from the possibility of rising waters. You can also add a tarp to safeguard your car from superficial damage by way of hail, small branches and other debris.  

After the storm: Stay put in the immediate aftermath (and drive with care!)

If you can help it, try to stay home during the immediate aftermath of the storm. There may be debris on the road in the form of branches, fallen trees and powerlines, damaged street lights, or even flood water. When you do get back on the road after a storm, drive with care and avoid water on the road (even if it looks shallow), and keep an eye on your surroundings in case your regular route has new obstacles.

By following these tips, your car will be prepared for the road ahead! For help with carports in St. Lucie, and other helpful products to fortify your car and home, call White Aluminum & Windows St. Lucie today. With more than six decades of experience, we know what it takes to keep your car, home and family safe during a storm, and will provide you with the products and advice you need to do exactly that!

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