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Pool Enclosures Keep Fun in and Elements Out

Pool Enclosures Keep Fun in and Elements Out

You might have noticed that many Port Saint Lucie pools are enclosed. There are several good reasons for this.

More than a luxury, pool enclosures contribute to the safety and security of all who use the pool. They also protect pools and structures from the sometimes-harsh Florida elements. 

Here’s how your pool can benefit from an aluminum pool enclosure:

Reduce Dirt and Debris

It’s a fact that in Florida, bugs, lizards, and all sorts of other critters are just itching to get onto your property. By screening in your pool, you’ll put an end to uninvited guests.

Just as a garage or carport keeps your vehicle free from dirt, debris, bird droppings, and foreign objects, pool enclosures (which extend over the pool itself) prevent leaves and other undesirable items from ending up in your pool. This saves on costs associated with cleaning, maintenance, and repair.

Enhance Comfort and Safety

With a quality aluminum pool enclosure, you can still enjoy the pool area even in light rain or wind. Coupled with a pool light, enclosures also allow for nighttime pool enjoyment while still offering peace of mind.

Pool enclosures also provide both privacy and security. They discourage children from wandering. Pets can be easily monitored at all times. Unwanted guests — both human and animal — will be deterred and denied access. Also, when the Port Saint Lucie sun is at its hottest, your pool enclosure will provide protection from the heat.

Create a Unique Outdoor Space

A durable pool enclosure can transform your pool and deck area to an outdoor getaway. Many Port Saint Lucie homeowners have created outdoor kitchens and bars, spa areas, and other creative ideas under the comfort and security that pool enclosures provide. It’s easy and fun to gather friends and loved ones under the enclosure for a barbecue, formal dinner, or casual get-together.

In addition, many homeowners find that the addition of a pool enclosure gives the look and feel of a larger residence. The indoor/outdoor motif lends to a casual and relaxing experience. Also, gardeners enjoy the controlled growing environment for which pool enclosures allow.

For those who enjoy swimming, pool enclosures allow for year-round enjoyment. When inclement weather is removed from the equation, you’ll never have to break your exercise routine.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Realtors agree that pool enclosures add to the value of a home. Buyers seek “move in ready” properties. When the choice is between a home that has a pool enclosure and one that doesn’t, realtors say buyers typically go with the pool enclosure home.

A quality aluminum pool enclosure comes with many features, including protection, durability, insulation, and more. Our qualified and professional staff members work with you to find the best solutions for your unique needs. Installation is safe and efficient.

Using only the best-quality materials, we’ve impressed countless Florida homeowners with our innovative designs and construction. With more than six decades of experience, our friendly and qualified experts bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project in which we’re involved.

From pool enclosures to sunrooms to carports and more, we have a solution for all of your property improvement needs. Contact us today to begin your next enhancement project. 

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